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New chapter : everyday heroes by Simone Pérèle | Simone PérèleNew chapter : everyday heroes by Simone Pérèle | Simone Pérèle

For the first time this winter, the Pérèle family has chosen to create a Global Artistic Direction with the will to spark-off a renewal, not only for the collections, but also for the brand’s identity. 

These women are contemporary, worldly and determined.
Here, there are no extraordinary destinies, just passion and commitment.
Some of them have weathered storms, chosen to change everything, created an association to build a more conscious and committed society.

Others combine a busy family life with a busy working life, keep a family business going, or have decided to make a living from their passion.

These are just women... leaders in their own lives who have accepted who they really are and take full responsibility for it. No more, no less....

They are touching and singular, more than beautiful, they exude inner strength. They are the...

everyday heroes

A new committed and unifying signature.

by Jan Welters.

Portrait of Jan Welters, fashion photographer | Simone PérèlePortrait of Jan Welters, fashion photographer | Simone Pérèle

When Simone Pérèle reinvents femininity, it creates a touching campaign, chic and unique, that shines light on today’s women who are comfortable with their body, their time and their life. They are the “Everyday heroes”, women whose imperfections are beautiful and that have inspired Jan Welters for the winter collection.

« We have always loved Jan’s work, he has this special way of making women glamourous and touching, with a very delicate balance. This is exactly what we were seeking for the brand: modernity but above all, authenticity and meaning. Simone Pérèle is a legendary brand that deserves more than just being known as pretty, we wanted to create emotion and bring a true vision to life. Jan immediately accepted the “New Heroines” challenge. We wanted to see it all: their fragility and their strength, their imperfections, their beauty and their contradictions. His unique use of black and white gives depth to his natural portraits that are both strong and full of emotion. », explains Maud Friocourt, Artistic Director of Simone Pérèle.

Born in The Netherlands in 1963, Jan Welters is a fashion photographer that became a master in the art of taking fashion pictures of women that are beautiful, glamourous and sensitive.

Renowned in the fashion industry, Jan has worked for a wide range of magazines such as the Paris, German, Dutch and American editions of Vogue.

Everday heroes collection by Simone Pérèle : MARGUERITE, ORPHEE, SUBTILE | Simone PérèleEverday heroes collection by Simone Pérèle : MARGUERITE, ORPHEE, SUBTILE | Simone Pérèle

What about you, who is your new heroine?

Simone Pérèle, the founder, was a pioneer and an avant-gardist. Her inspiration inspired others, she resembled today’s women: a visionary and passionate entrepreneur, an accomplished woman with personality, the leader of her life and destiny. An “every day hero” in the most modern of ways.
This winter, Simone Pérèle wishes to give floor to 5 of these beautiful and passionate women that are neither famous nor anonymous, they are the masters of their lives, new heroines that agreed to open up to us and tell us about their new heroines and what it means to them. Truly inspiring...

See you soon to discover the portraits of our everyday heroes.



Maud Friocourt, her convictions are her strength.

Maud Friocourt, appointed Artistic Director at Simone Pérèle in 2019, is an expert in fashion and women’s bodies. Two passions that she has often combined with modern, chic and daring collections.

What she loves most is inventing the new sensuality that makes women beautiful, that creates difference. She wants to make all women’s bodies more beautiful to give them more self-confidence! Let’s discover her definition of a new heroine and one of the women she sees as perfectly embodying this term.

Portrait of Maud Friocourt, Artistic Director Simone Pérèle | Simone PérèlePortrait of Maud Friocourt, Artistic Director Simone Pérèle | Simone Pérèle
Portrait of Yasmine Auquier, co-founder of Rive Droite Paris | Simone PérèlePortrait of Yasmine Auquier, co-founder of Rive Droite Paris | Simone Pérèle

Yasmine Auquier-Buron, her niche: doing things differently.

Yasmine Auquier, her sister Sofia and her friend Aurélie created Rive Droite Paris in 2016 to help change things. Rive Droite is a brand of cool, eco-designed handbags and accessories aimed at urban tribes. Each creation is made from recycled and upcycled materials derived from the textile industry and put together by fashion designers who are in precarious circumstances and whom the three co-founders are helping to get back into employment by helping them set up their own micro-businesses.

Yasmine is in charge of strategic development and for her, working differently, producing differently and consuming differently are no longer optional but a reality, regardless of the challenges involved. What does it mean to be a woman in 2020? It means already being an everyday hero. Let’s listen to her.

Ondine Saglio, giving women freedom.

Ondine Salio was born in Senegal, where she spent her childhood. It was to influence her entire life. After five years in New York, where she worked as a photographer, she joined the CSAO (Compagnie du Sénégal et de l’Afrique de l’ouest), set up by her mum in 1995, as Artistic Director.

The company’s mission is to distribute in France and in Europe generally the work of the best West African artists, while building fair, sustainable links between all of them. Little by little, Ondine realised her dream: to expand the embroidery workshops. Today, 150 women work there. This woman, for whom the values of sharing and commitment are fundamental, confides in her everyday hero.

Portrait of Ondine Saglio, Photographer and Artistic Director of de CSAO | Simone PérèlePortrait of Ondine Saglio, Photographer and Artistic Director of de CSAO | Simone Pérèle
Portrait of Sophie Trem, blogger of The Other Art of Living and Chief Good Mood Officer | Simone PérèlePortrait of Sophie Trem, blogger of The Other Art of Living and Chief Good Mood Officer | Simone Pérèle

Sophie Trem, good mood as the art of living.

Sophie Trem started her blog The Other Art of Living in 2014 to help in her quest for the famous work-life balance. Back then, she had just become a Head of Design in the digital sector after 10 years of working in fashion. She was quickly nicknamed The Chief Good Mood Officer because she decided to adopt a good mood as her art of living.

Towards the end of 2016, when she decided to gather her readers together to celebrate her blog’s third birthday, and based the event on the theme so dear to her heart, she met with immediate success: the book “THE GOOD MOOD CLASS” was born! Her everyday hero? Someone unexpected…

Stéphanie Pérèle, a story of woman.


Stéphanie, in charge of the brand and the product offer at Simone Pérèle, she is Catherine Pérèle’s daughter and Simone Pérèle’s granddaughter. She decided to study the fashion industry and business, earned her stripes working for beautiful luxury brands like Boucheron or Saint Laurent.

Her goal? To carry on the family business, like her mother before her, with the same feminine and kind values as Simone, while also bringing the more liberated values of her generation. She opens up and talks to us about her new heroine.

Portrait de Stéphanie Pérèle Bujard, Responsable de la marque et petite-fille de Simone Pérèle | Simone PérèlePortrait de Stéphanie Pérèle Bujard, Responsable de la marque et petite-fille de Simone Pérèle | Simone Pérèle
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