Define your figure

    • Athletic (V)
      Athletic (V)
      Your shoulders are wider than your hips. These characteristics also shape your main asset: a slim waist. Your slender figure, as often in athletic women, adds a touch of natural energy to your appearance.
    • Balanced (H)
      Balanced (H)
      Pleasantly balanced and discreetly curved. Your shoulders and hips are of equal width and frame a discreet waist. The characteristics of your figure, found in many women, create an impression of fluidity and consistency.
    • Voluptuous (O)
      Voluptuous (O)
      Your shoulders, waist and hips are curvy. A generous, pleasantly curved shape, your silhouette has many advantages and is often considered to be the most luscious. Your appearance exudes a feeling of gentleness and sensuality.
    • Sensual (A)
      Sensual (A)
      Your shoulders are small, your waist slim and your hips more rounded. For many, your sensual silhouette evokes the ideal feminine figure. It brings a touch of reassurance and fulfilment that others envy you.
    • Harmonious (X)
      Harmonious (X)
      Your shoulders and hips are balanced and your waist well defined. For many, you are very lucky! Your work-of-art figure is greatly envied - harmonious par excellence!

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