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    Making your body beautiful is not a goal, its a starting point of personal fulfilment. Thanks to our expert knowledge of your silhouette, we embellish your curves, bringing you your unique self-confidence. Not only do we create beautiful lingerie, we desire to trigger a personal change. We would like to accompany, guide and help you in revealing your true beauty. Together, we will bring out the free, audacious woman that you have inside of you. "Self confidence is a beauty that never fades", as Mme Simone Pérèle would have said. So have some fun, get started, and reveal the very best of yourself.

    L'histoire de Simone Pérèle


    Women of every form


    Découvrez Simone Pérèle

    Pioneer and visionary, Madame Pérèle opened her Parisian workshop in 1948. This talented corsetmaker replied to the needs of women and embellished their silhouettes with fashionable lingerie that was both elegant and comfortable.


    Découvrez Simone Pérèle

    The female silhouette evolved with the underwear of the 1950's. The Bullet bra which sculpted sharp, pointed breasts was a must-have and the Soleil range became cult.


    Découvrez Simone Pérèle

    As a forerunner, Simone Pérèle launched Sole Mio using innovative Lycra lace; used in lingerie for the first time. This new line with its previously unseen material, sublimated the image of each woman by adpating itself to their every movement and guaranteeing full comfort with their figures.


    Découvrez Simone Pérèle

    Avant-garde, Simone Pérèle created Pétale, an invisible line with no underwires, that fulfilled the need for freedom and the return of 'natural' that 70's women craved.


    Découvrez Simone Pérèle

    Our workshops accompanied women by offering garter belts, corsets and half cup bras. Women could assume their full power of seduction with total confidence!


    Découvrez Simone Pérèle

    Women aspired to softer, more supple lingerie. Simone Pérèle offered them the Essentials: the second-skin line.


    Découvrez Simone Pérèle

    Lingerie benefited from recent, innovative techniques. Simone Pérèle launched Andora, the first line using 3D Spacer fabric. Since the launch 10 years ago, one Andora bra is bought each minute in the world.


    Découvrez Simone Pérèle

    In front of Mary McCartney's lense, Simone Pérèle explored behind the scenes of fashion and creation.


    Découvrez Simone Pérèle

    More than ever at the service of women, we launched the morpho-test to better accompany you in the choice of the ideal lingerie for your figure, lingerie that reinforces your self-esteem.

    Découvrez Simone Pérèle


    French Confection

    Savoir-faire Simone Pérèle
    Anchored in excellence, the House of Simone Pérèle cultivates its expertise: mastery of precious materials, demand for rare quality and sublety of detail, coupled with a precise knowledge of the female body.

    For lingerie to fit all silhouettes, from A to H cups, up to 18 months of imagination, research and testing are required.
    All of our trial fittings are carried out with consumers and colleagues. Up to 15 fittings per size can be required.
    Each article is worked to the millimetre, guaranteeing the perfection demanded by the House of Simone Pérèle.
    In our workshop, gestures are precise. Inlays, hooks, bindings, visible or hidden: 25 different components are needed to make a bra.
    From the first sketches to the finishing details, each step of the creation is worked in the finest detail in order for your silhouette to be perfectly enhanced.
    Season after season, the Artistic Director and her styling team are at the heart of trends, creating emblematic lingerie and limited edition items that embellish your everyday life.

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