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Neither celebrities nor anonymous, everyday heroes are charismatic, daring and both sensitive and strong.​

An everyday hero for some, a unique muse for others, they are multifaceted, like the modern-day woman; free and spontaneous. 

Today, women play a prominent role in the art world, so this winter we wanted to ask 2 artists who inspire us, what being an everyday hero means to them, each through different means of expression, each through their own universe. ​

We met Lia Rochas-Pàris and Nina Koltchiskaïa, two extraordinary women who gave us an insight into their vision of femininity in 2021. 

“Everyday heroes aren’t afraid to shake things up.”

Lia Rochas-Pàris

A multifaceted artist, Lia Rochas-Pàris composes. She assembles elements she gathers, collects. 

She sounds out full and empty, layers the visible with the invisible. She gives everyone the freedom to interpret her works in their own way.

She offers a new take on feminine curves and nudity, playing with the body and space, movement. “Art allows us to contemplate, look forward, interpret. Bodies depicted in a work of art embody a form of universality, ensuring we are not alone.”  ​

Over the past ten years or so, her work has been exhibited in Paris, Arles, Amsterdam, Osaka, New York and the list goes on.

Metamorphosis, Paper collage,​ 30 x 40 cm,​ 2021​


Lia believes that everyday heroes aren’t afraid to shake things up. “They are women who manage to overcome chaos, independent women who aren’t afraid to take risks, women who flaunt their choices, women who accept themselves for who they are.”

She offers us a strong, sensual translation, blending together symbols and the imaginary, femininity and strength. ​

Metamorphosis will be sold at auction on Thursday 25 November, as part of a philanthropic exhibition, with funds raised going to help women.​

“An everyday hero is a well-pruned garden which we discover, where we get lost, and which surprises us.”

Nina Koltchiskaïa

Born in Moscow, Nina Koltchiskaïa grew up in a family of artists, initially in Russia, then in Laos and Italy. 

From an early age, she tried her hand at photography, a passion passed on by her globetrotting grandfather. Influenced by her parents and sister, themselves artists, drawing has always played a special role in her life.

Initially known as a photographer, it wasn’t until a few years ago that she shared her paintings.

Inspired by her dreams, her universe is romantic and feminine, poetic and delicate.

Today, Nina likes to combine the two media, to bring them together and create multifaceted works. “I like to tell myself that my desire to write what comes into my head can be put down on any medium, resonate everywhere, in any form, any texture.” 

Her drawings and paintings have been exhibited in Paris, Moscow, Seoul, London and Brussels.

For Nina, an everyday hero is multifaceted and surprising, she doesn’t have a routine. Like a garden, we explore it, lose ourselves in it. “A garden which is constantly being renewed, eternally transforming itself. A garden of moods, lives, stories.”

She shares a tender, dreamy, colourful interpretation of femininity.

“An allegory of Autumn. Embraced by the softness of flowers and tenderness of feelings, posing as an everyday hero, with confidence and serenity, under the watchful eye of those who observe her.”

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